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Team Development

Building a high-performing team is no accident; it stems from consistent execution of key skills over time. Effective leadership involves fostering trust, encouraging productive conflict, nurturing commitment, and instilling accountability for results. Leadership isn’t about having all the answers but creating an environment where diverse ideas flourish.

To lead an admired, engaging, and high-performing team, bridge the gap between relationships and results. Actively build trust, encourage open communication, and embrace constructive feedback for collaboration and innovation.

Effective leadership means navigating productive conflict, turning disagreements into opportunities for creative problem-solving. Commitment is crucial—inspire a shared vision and align individual aspirations with overarching goals for a purpose-driven team.

Accountability is the linchpin for success. Foster a culture where each team member takes ownership, understanding the impact of their contributions. A culture of accountability transforms the team into a powerhouse capable of extraordinary results.

Here you’ll find support for teams aspiring to become high-performing, emphasizing that challenges are opportunities for learning and resilience. Focusing on trust, conflict resolution, commitment, and accountability, our solutions lay the foundation for enduring success.


Tactical Empathy is an interactive workshop that gives leaders the competitive edge most are missing. Empathy is the ability to connect with your workforce – emotionally, cognitively and behaviourally – without trying to fix, blame or minimize the experience. Individuals, teams and workplace cultures value empathy; leaders demonstrated skills are not measuring up.

In this workshop, Erin Thorp, speaker and author of Inside Out Empathy, will explore the challenges we face when practicing empathy. Erin will highlight the most common empathy misses and provide attendees with a tool kit of empathy practices they can implement immediately.



Lead with Impact is a group leadership development program — an immersive learning journey — consisting of five (5) modules delivered face to face or virtually over six months. Each module includes prework, learning materials, practice opportunities, and reflection exercises specific to each topic.

The Lead with Impact experience focuses on both the mindset and skills required to be an effective and inspiring leader.


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Erin’s program was very insightful, as mentioned i have been in multiple other DISC sessions and Erin’s, by far was the best. She is very clear and concise and knows the material she is sharing. Her passion for the topic is what makes her delivery so interactive and with that brings the desire to engage.

DiSC Participant

Erin is an expert in her field and relates very well to the construction people both in the field and the office. Her presentation skills are excellent and she kept the entire class engaged. 

Workshop Participant

Understanding empathy and implementing empathy are two entirely different things. 

And contrary to most beliefs, empathy IS NOT an innate trait that you’re either born with or not. Nope. Kick that belief to the curb. Empathy is a skill that you can learn, develop and strengthen. Think of empathy like a muscle, similar to our biceps, we all have them — some are just stronger than others. 

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