Elevate your Leadership Impact


Elevate your

Leadership Impact

Improved Employee Retention & Performance

Close the Empathy Gap

Fully Step into Your Leadership Role

What is Inside Tactical Empathy?

Tactical Empathy is an interactive workshop that gives leaders the competitive edge most are missing. Empathy is the ability to connect with your workforce – emotionally, cognitively and behaviourally – without trying to fix, blame or minimize the experience. Individuals, teams and workplace cultures value empathy; leaders demonstrated skills are not measuring up.

Leadership demands empathy in various situations and must often be put into practice when emotions are high, pressure is mounting, and stress is palpable. It is in these very moments that our abilities determine our impact as a leader.

In this workshop, Erin Thorp, speaker and author of Inside Out Empathy, will explore the challenges we face when practicing empathy. Erin will highlight the most common empathy misses and provide attendees with a tool kit of empathy practices they can implement immediately.

Why is empathy important?

The practice of empathy is critical when it comes to strengthening a leader’s ability to build inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplaces.

Leaders and employees agree that empathy is necessary for the workplace and key to the success of an organization; however, critical gaps exist between these intentions and implementation. Empathy is NOT something you’re born with or without. Empathy is a set of skills that can be learned.


What is included?

Participants will gain knowledge about cognitive, emotional, and behavioral empathy and a chance to build their skills through small group practice with real-life situations.

Who is it for?

EVERYONE!  All leaders and anyone who influences others on a daily basis.

Executive Leaders

Mid-Level Leaders

Front Line Leaders

Project Leaders

Individual Contributors / Team Members

Administrators & Support Staff

Erin was very engaging and encouraging. She was very clear on what empathy IS and IS NOT.Her outlines, her examples and her descriptions were clear and relevant to my experience. I am not always a fan a breakout rooms during training, but I found the breakout rooms in this webinar very relevant and very helpful. They were the most useful and effective breakout room sessions I’ve ever experienced. Thank you so much for offering this training.

Tactical Empathy Workshop Participant

As a leader it is important to develop my empathy skills which is why I signed up for this workshop.  For only 2 hours of time you get a lot of value learning about a skill most engineers probably need to work on. I will definitely watch for future sessions with Erin Thorp.

Tactical Empathy Workshop Participant

Tactical Empathy Workshop Outline

Workshop can be offered in various formats as well as both virtually and in-person.

Introduction & Icebreaker
What is Empathy?
  • Why is it Important?
  • Current Research
Empathy Awareness, Mindset, and Skillset
  • Empathy Hijacks
  • Current Research
Empathy Skills Practice
  • Small-Group Activity
  • Debrief & Feedback


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