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Great Results; Greater Relationships

 Confidence and Trust




are a thing of the past.



  • being disappointed by the lack of results

  • feeling overwhelmed trying to manage ALL the emotions of your team

  • questioning if you are even “cut out” for leadership

  • hiding your whole self

  • avoiding difficult conversations

A leader everyone wants to follow

Customized training, coaching, and implementation support for all leaders, so that you are able to tailor your approach to the situation and each team member with ease.

Build Trust and Confidence


Trust and confidence are direct results of our behaviors and actions.  Understanding what erodes and builds both is vital to leading with impact.

Results AND Relationships


It is possible to care deeply about both people and performance.  In fact, building a strong relationship with your team is the foundation that enables peak performance.

I discovered my perceived weakness was actually my leadership superpower.  

Hey there, it's so nice to meet you.  I'm Erin Thorp, a student of leadership and self-development enthusiast.  

I have spent years in the hard knocks world of construction learning how to find my footing as a leader.  At one point I was ready to leave my career. I figured that I just wasn't cut out for it -- nothing should be that hard.  But I am no quitter!

In 2017, I authored Inside Out Empathy, and began speaking and coaching about how to use the superpower of empathy to build effective teams.  I share my own stories of leadership and what I learned along the way.  It's the book I wish I had when I was just starting out.  

I believe that there is a leader in everyone --

Let's discover the leader inside you!



Book a Call

Book a call and to see if we're a fit to work together. In any relationship there needs to be some chemistry and coaching is no different.

Customized Solution

A customized solution consisting of coaching, training and implementation support will be developed to target your specific needs. This is not a cookie-cutter approach!

Confident Leader

You become the leader everyone wants to follow. You lead your team with confidence and compassion. Great results and even greater realtionshiops.

I believe that leadership development and coaching is not exclusive to ‘executives’ only. Every leader deserves the support of a coach – regardless of their level or tenure in the organization. Think of it this way, an athlete doesn’t have to get to the Olympics to get a coach, they have had many coaches along their path.

The investment for leadership development coaching is often supported by companies as it provides direct benefits including increased communication, higher levels of engagement, and reduced employee turnover.  Coaching is often far more effective than simply training in bringing about a change in behavior.   

Leadership development is effective and appropriate for any aspect of leadership where you feel stuck and want to increase your effectiveness and confidence. Some common coaching/training topics include tackling tough conversations, expressing values, finding your authentic voice, developing your team members, and flowing with emotions.

How to work with Erin


Are you looking for a dynamic, relatable and inspiring speaker for your next event?  Drawing on her 20-year career leading high-performing teams in non-traditional industries, Erin blends her experience and expertise in a way that captivates and motivates her audience.


Erin is a dynamic and engaging trainer. As a Channel Partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies, she is qualified to deliver a variety of Blanchard® products, both face-to-face and virtually, including SLII®.


Erin is an insightful, curious and supportive coach. She is an associate certified Integral™ Coach, and provides 1:1 and small group coaching.



It’s time to discover the confident, compassionate leader inside you!

With your new tools, knowledge, and skills you’ll stop second-guessing yourself and gain the confidence you need to reach your next level. 

That’s exactly what my clients do. They’re out in front, confident and certain, LEADING WITH IMPACT.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what they say about working with me:

After working with Erin, I’ve been able to more clearly communicate exactly what I need from my team members. 

The result is that I have stepped out of client deliverables entirely, my team is fully handling nearly all of our services, questions, communication and putting out fires for our clients. 

This leaves me with more time to manage marketing, strategic relationships and long-term planning.

Morgan Gist MacDonald

Owner/CEO, Paper Raven Books

Erin has been my leadership coach and I couldn’t be happier.

She has helped me discover my inner strengths and how to use them to succeed in my personal and professional growth. She has pushed me to step outside my comfort zone while letting me know she will be there to “hold my hand” when asked.

I look forward to our continue work together Erin and what 2021 has in store for us!

Wendy Fortna

Consulting Project Manager, Tricon Solutions Inc.

I am able to set and hold boundaries with others, which has allowed me to have more appropriate relationships with team members as a result of working with Erin.

I am also more confident in the decisions I make and able to take a moment to pause before making important decisions. I no longer let the chaos get the best of me.

Working with Erin helps me consistently show up as the person I want others to see.

Kasha Klunder

Project Manager, BIRD Construction

Ready to step out of overwhelm?

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