Become the leader everyone wants to follow.

Confident and capable with an eye on both people and performance. 

Whether you have been newly promoted to a leadership position, or have been in the seat for many years, chances are that what got you ‘here’, won’t get you where you want to ‘be’ – a confident, capable and compassionate leader has an eye on both people and performance that everyone wants to follow.

I know you have big ambitions (no, this isn’t a dirty word).

You want to be respected and admired in your company as someone who is fun, engaging, high vibe and high performing!!

What is Inside Out Leadership?

INSIDE OUT LEADERSHIP is a training and development program designed exclusively for leaders who want to build knowledge and skills in effective communication, empathy, developing self & others and mental toughness to support them in developing and leading a high-performance team.  

Inside the program, we will: 

  • Tackle conflict and challenging conversations head-on – end the drama once and for all.
  • Take control of your schedule and gain back precious time.
  • Focus your efforts on the areas that will have the maximum impact.
  • Increase engagement and performance … it’s not an either-or situation!
  • Unlock your team’s creativity, innovation and collaboration.
  • Use the right leadership tool at the right time and feel confident.

INSIDE OUT LEADERSHIP combines a simple 3-step process — personal assessments, asynchronous learning, and in-person training  — for maximum impact.

Why is this important?

You’re feeling lost and wondering where to start.  Everyone is looking to you for their direction and support. You’re overwhelmed! You might be thinking, “I’m way over my head. How do I accomplish all the work?”  Everyone on your team has different needs and wants, and you’re supposed to adjust to each one.  And the drama – it’s exhausting!

Carrying the heavy burden of trying to figure out “leadership.”  You feel the weight of the entire team and their success on your shoulders. You have a deep desire to do this right.  And by ‘this,’ we’re talking leadership, and nothing has felt ‘right’ or ‘authentic’ for a long time. There are so many models, strategies and frameworks … argh!

You want and crave connected support.  Simply, you want someone to lean on who can show you the way through and simplify leadership.  


Who is it for?

This program is designed for team leaders, managers and supervisors.  This program is for you if you directly influence people daily.  

Mid-Level Leaders

Front Line Leaders

Project Leaders

What is included?


Personal Assessments

  • Everything DiSC Catalyst Assessment
  • Saboteur Assessment

Asynchronous online training

  • 6-week Mental Fitness Bootcamp
  • Leader Essentials
  • Leading Others

APP-guided daily mental fitness program


Four monthly 90-minute virtual training workshops offered on a set schedule.

Attendance is strongly encouraged. However, recordings are available if you cannot make it in person. Workshop topics each month include:.

  • Effective Communication
  • Mastering Relationships
  • Mental Fitness & Wellbeing
  • Developing Self & Others

Erin makes you look at things from a different point of view. She opens your eyes to how others will see things. She has taken me out of a stress filled job back into the job that I love. You have been an amazing help to me! You have changed the way I see things! I have taken out so much from this class and have put it into practical use! Thanks for everything ! 

Production Manager


The program has really helped me move from the stressful, spirally “what if” thoughts and trying to control every possible outcome to the more positive “what is the lesson and gift here.” The tools and lessons seem so simple but they’re really powerful and totally doable, and I feel much more grounded and—dare I say?—wise as I move into what would typically be a very stressful season. 

Michelle Clayton

Brand Strategist & Designer

Erin was amazing to work with, her ability to be emotionally available, even making space for uncovering traumatic root causes of behaviour, while not getting mired in psychobabble. She was able to both get to the heart of the matter and keep the discussion moving forward with actionable strategies and tactics for group leadership.

Brandon Walker

Division Manager, Water Resources, McElhanney

Learning Journey Outline

Months 1-3

Kick-Off – 1:1 Call w/ Coach, Onboarding, Goal Setting and APP set Up & Voxer Support.

Month 1 – complete assessments, start mental fitness boot camp, attend training workshops

Month 2 – complete mental fitness boot camp, attend training workshops

Month 3 – start leader essentials training, attend training workshops

Check-In – 1:1 Call w/ Coach, reflect and review

Months 4-6

Month 4 – complete leader essentials training, attend training workshops

Month 5 – start leading others training and attend training workshops

Month 6 – complete leading other training, attend training workshops

Wrap-Up – 1:1 Call w/ Coach, reflect and review, offboarding


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About Erin

Coach | Speaker | Facilitator | Author

Erin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Calgary and hold two Associate coaching certifications — one through Integral Coaching Canada and one through Positive Intelligence®.

As a Channel Partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies, she is qualified to deliver a variety of Blanchard® products, both face-to-face and virtually, including SLII®. As an Authorized Partner of Wiley, Erin is certified to deliver the cirriculum of both the Five Behaviours and DiSC® products.  

In 2017, she authored Inside Out Empathy, a book that explores how to use the superpower of empathy to build effective teams.

With over 20 years of experience in building, developing, and leading high performance teams, Erin is an insightful, curious, and supportive coach, trainer, and facilitator.

She believes that there is a leader in everyone. Erin is committed to discovering your leader within and supporting you to lead with impact—from the inside out.

Positive Intelligence
Blanchard Partner Network
The Five Behaviors
International Coaching Federation
Understanding empathy and implementing empathy are two entirely different things. 

And contrary to most beliefs, empathy IS NOT an innate trait that you’re either born with or not. Nope. Kick that belief to the curb. Empathy is a skill that you can learn, develop and strengthen. Think of empathy like a muscle, similar to our biceps, we all have them — some are just stronger than others. 

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