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Hi, my name is Erin Thorp.

I’m so excited you stopped by!  


I am speaking out, stepping up and disrupting the default that says expressing feelings is a career limiting move. 

I am disrupting the long accepted norm that says there is no place for empathy in leadership.

I have the left brain logic of an engineer, the right brain creativity of an author and the heart of an empathic coach. 

I have personally experienced – both as a leader and as a team member – the magic that happens when a leader steps into their emotions and provides permission for their team members to do the same.

With 5 generations in the workforce, we desperately need empathetic leaders who connect authentically and engage with deep vulnerability.

If you are curious about empathetic leadership, leveraging your leadership superpower and using your leadership GPS, download a free chapter of my bestselling book today! 

Professional fun facts …

  • I am the author of Inside Out Empathy
  • I am a certified Associate Integral Coach™
  • I have a civil engineering degree & specialize in people and project leadership  (hint: I am NOT your typical engineer)
  • I have worked out of my house, on construction job sites, in boardrooms and I have had the corner cubicle at the corporate office
  • I love teaching through story telling
  • I am a builder of all things – buildings, houses, teams, processes, procedures & websites!
  • I am excellent at uncovering and meeting customer needs
  • I am a firm believer in flexibility, freedom and the ability to work with people who are truly; madly & deeply in love with their lives
  • I am more introverted than extroverted; an ISFJ for those souls who are equally addicted to personality quizzes as I am!
  • I am highly intuitive and empathetic
  • I often do things because they feel right
  • I love being a leader and watching people grow
  • I am an avid learner and student of life

A bit more personal …

  • I am a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother
  • My husband and I have three amazing children
  • I grew up on a farm in northern Alberta where we grew, raised, butchered or made most of our own food
  • I am a former 4H-er and unlike most people, public speaking is NOT my greatest fear in life
  • I am a Virgo
  • I have been organizing people and projects my whole life – Yes, my whole life!  Just ask my mom and dad
  • I am the eldest of 4 children; I have two sisters and one brother
  • I have an amazing network of friends who have supported me through all the crazy phases of my life
  • I love to cook, sew, crochet & read


Thank you for your interest in my book.  Leave your name and email for an instant email with a link to download your FREE chapter.  I also have some other bonus material available for you.

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