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You got the tap on the shoulder, the big promotion. 

You’ve arrived. 

Finally! You landed the leadership role you’ve been dreaming about. The one, that once you had it, you’d do differently. 

Only problem — it’s much harder than anyone told you it would be. 

You find yourself holding back your ideas and opinions from the conversation, scared of being criticized or, worse, being wrong. 

You’re beginning to wonder if you’re even cut out for leadership?

You desperately want to be respected and admired as a leader who’s fun, engaging, thoughtful, and high-performing. You care about people and profits, the relationships and results — you just can’t find a way to bring the two together.

Hi, I’m Erin Thorp.

I’m an Author, Speaker, and Coach for leaders who struggle with conflict, communication, and performance during high-stress times. I support them in navigating difficult conversations, building powerful teams, and communicating with empathy so that they can lead confidently.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Calgary, am an Associate Certified Coach through Integral Coaching Canada and have over 20 years of experience leading construction projects and teams. 

In 2017, I authored Inside Out Empathy, and began speaking and coaching about using the superpower of empathy to build effective teams. I share my own stories of leadership and what I learned along the way. It's the book I wish I had when I was just starting out. 

I’m committed to discovering your leader within and supporting you to lead with impact — from the inside out.


Who I work with … 

I work with leaders. Full stop. 

New leaders, seasoned leaders, small business owners, entrepreneurs and everyone in-between. 

What makes the leaders I work with different? 

I’m so glad you asked!

    • I work with motivated, high-achieving professionals who know there’s a different way to lead. My clients believe in flexibility, freedom, results, AND relationships. 
    • If you want both a career and a family (whatever that looks like to you), we’re probably a good fit.
    •  I work with leaders in ‘traditional industries’ — think engineering, construction, technology, event planning, IT, medicine — who know that people matter just as much as profits. 
    • They care deeply about their people and have big ambitions. Leaders who want to lead with integrity and intention. 
    • I built confident leaders who lead with empathy. Leaders who care about their teams and their results.

The Proof

    • One client was able to downsize her team by 4 team members (over 50% of the team) AND increased her revenue by 200%. The right people focused on the right stuff.
    • Another client was able to restructure her business, increasing her pricing and keeping all her existing clients in the process. Her priorities became crystal clear and she was able to navigate all of the tough conversations needed to be had with confidence. 
    • One manager came to me because they felt like they were always being torn in two. One part needed to care about the process, results, and productivity. Yet, there was another side that cared about the humanity of their team — the relationships, feelings, and emotions. Together we were able to stitch these two parts together and now they lead with empathy and compassion and has one of the best performing departments in the business. 
    • A manufacturing client on a verge of expansion came to me to upskill their entire leadership team.  Over the course of 6 months of working together we deepend trust within the team, improved communication through skill building in having healthy conflict and laid the foundation for goal setting, team development and growth.  This client is on track to double their revenue this year and has the skilled team in place to execute the work.  


A 6-month program designed exclusively for leaders – corporate leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs – who want to discover and leverage their unique leadership superpowers to build, develop, and inspire a high-performance team. 

This program can be adapted to online or in-person for individuals or in-tact leadership teams.


Lead with Impact is a group leadership development program — an immersive learning journey — consisting of seven (7) modules: four (4) hours in duration delivered face to face or virtually over six months. Each module includes prework, learning materials, practice opportunities, and reflection exercises specific to each topic.

The Lead with Impact experience focuses on both the mindset and skills required to be an effective and inspiring leader.


Erin is a passionate, infectious and relatable keynote speaker. If you’re tired of the same old team building event or motivational speaker, why not try one who’s a former engineer and leads with empathy? . Book Erin to speak at your next event and support your team putting empathy into practice at work and home.

Not sure what’s best for you? 

Looking to bring one of these services to your whole team? 

I can help.

Book a free discovery call where we’ll explore your next steps.

Everyday Empathy

5 Practices to Build Empathy Skills

You’ve heard a lot about empathy in leadership. The only problem is that you’re not sure where to start or what empathy in leadership even looks like. 

Understanding empathy and implementing empathy are two entirely different things. 

And contrary to most beliefs, empathy IS NOT an innate trait that you’re either born with or not. Nope. Kick that belief to the curb. Empathy is a skill that you can learn, develop and strengthen. Think of empathy like a muscle, similar to our biceps, we all have them — some are just stronger than others. 



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