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What exactly is a “Shiny Object Slayer”?

Cat herder, bossy pants, maybe the person that tells us what to do … a “Shiny Object Slayer” is a project manager.

Ack!  Kill all our super shiny creative ideas and projects, why would we need someone like THAT?!?

The Power of Focus

Let’s be clear on one thing; the point here is not to kill ALL the ideas.  The point is to remove all the distracting side-tracking ‘shiny objects’ that keep you stuck and spinning your wheels in indecision.  A Project Manager keeps you focused on the highest impact shiny objects and moving toward your goals.

The power of focus is getting more done with less effort in less time.  The benefit to you is feeling in control, at ease and accomplished.

Sounds great right?


Distraction Destroys Action

Let’s face it is SO easy to get distracted – family & friends, appointments, groceries, car repairs, house repairs, car pool, children  – I think you get my point.  With all this on our plate we often feel overwhelmed, don’t know where to start (and really will it even make a difference?) and often escape to social media or TV. Avoidance is a distraction in itself.

How often do you feel overwhelmed by your ‘to-do’ list?

How many projects / ideas / ‘babies’ do you have in your backlog just waiting to be born into the world?

What would it feel like to wake up and know exactly what you needed to work on today?

I know that the thought of being scheduled and planned is terrifying to most creative types. In fact you probably ended up living the entrepreneurial lifestyle for the very reason that you can’t stand process, meetings and schedules.  You wanted to leave ‘structure’ out of your day to day.


Flexible Planning & Enhanced Creativity

I am a firm believer that both ‘structure’ and ‘creativity‘ can peacefully co-exist.  I will go one step further and say that they enhance each other; make more possible; often in less time with less cost.  Like peanut butter & jelly, yin & yang and Romeo & Juliet; opposites bring out the best in each other.

Working with someone who can organize your thoughts, set priorities, help select the highest return projects and keep you (and your team) focused can increase your revenues, reduce your costs and most importantly leave you feeling calm and in control.

Processes can make on-boarding new team members more successful and reduce turn over.  Being clear about expectations and timeframes enables team members to contribute their best.

When you feel less overwhelmed and understand whats important; you are able to respond to unexpected events with ease and flexibility.

Are you ready to feel less overwhelmed?  Are you ready to dust off those ideas, find your focus, build a plan and deliver your creative gifts to the world?  Are you ready to have WAY MORE FUN in your business?



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