The Leadership Essentials Experience gives participants the skills and confidence to lead themselves and their teams with an eye on both relationships and results.

The Leadership Essentials Experience is an immersive program that combines Crucial Conversations® coursework, a VitalSmarts® product, SLII® coursework, a Blanchard product, group implementation support and learning partnerships that provide each participant with the knowledge, skills and support to build, develop and inspire a high-performing team.

September 2021 – November 2021 


Why is this important?

From my personal experience leading corporate teams, project teams, and my home team, I know that to step into our leadership role fully, we need to talk about tough things and be flexible leaders. Uncomfortable, awkward, risky and sometimes prickly conversations are what is standing between where you are right now and the life you desire.  

It’s my goal to move you from a conversation with potentially dangerous consequences to one that is a learning conversation.  To help you find and embrace curiosity — in the moment — so that you can get the heart of the matter and effectively navigate towards a mutually beneficial outcome. 

Learning to set clear goals, diagnose team members’ needs, and then meet those needs by being a flexible and caring leader is key to engaging our team.  

Who is it for?

The course is for anyone looking to increase their confidence when developing their team and tackling tough conversations:


Executive Leaders


Mid-level Leaders


Front Line Leaders


Project Leaders


Administrators & Support Staff

You find yourself avoiding conflict. You don’t want to be seen as rocking the boat so you stay quiet.  You hold back your opinions and ideas from the conversation, scared of being criticized or even worse, being wrong.  You are uncertain how to develop your team.

Maybe you’ve tried to broach this topic many times before and have never been able to get the results you’ve desired.  

Or perhaps you find yourself constantly ‘rescuing’ your team. Taking on their work, completing their deliverables so that deadlines don’t slip and clients aren’t disappointed.  You’re worn out.  Exhausted and overwhelmed.  

You might even be wondering if leadership is something you’re even cut out for.  

Before you give up, throw in the towel or fire your team, sign up and give me 8 weeks to show you how to tackle the conversations you dread the most, diagnose what your team members need so that you can lead with confidence and achieve the results you most desire.  

After working with Erin, I’ve been able to more clearly communicate exactly what I need from my team members.  The result is that I have stepped out of client deliverables entirely, my team is fully handling nearly all of our services, questions, communication and putting out fires for our clients.  This leaves me with more time to manage marketing, strategic relationships and long-term planning.

Morgan Gist MacDonald

Owner / CEO, Paper Raven Books

What’s included?

Crucial Conversations® coursework- a VitalSmarts® product

SLII® coursework- a Blanchard product

group implementation support and learning partnerships

Everyone who attends the program will receive a Certification of Completion at the end and be eligible for 32 hours of CPD credits.


8 x 4 hr Classroom Training Sessions

6 x 90 min Implementation Sessions


All Participant Materials & Resources

Your Course Outline

Session 1 - Conversations #1

Developing an awareness of our own contributions to conversations is critical to our sustained success.  In this first session we will learn how to get unstuck, start with heart and master our own stories.

4 hours

Session 2 - Conversations #2

Once we have an awareness of our own thoughts and stories we will learn how to state our meaning in a non-judgemental and non-confrontational way, ensuring that dialogue remains open. 

4 hours

Session 3 - Conversations #3

Building safety in conversations is the key to keep dialogue open and having others contribute their meaning.  During this session we will practice steps required to ensure that everyone feels safe to contribute.  

4 hours

Session 4 - Conversations #4

Wrapping up a key conversation can be just as important as having the conversation.  In this session we will practice holding conversations and ensuring that we move to action in a way to supports the desired outcome and behaviors.  

4 hours

Session 5 - SLII® LEARN I

Goal setting and diagnosing are 2 critical skills of a situational leader.  In this next session we will learn the key skills required to set powerful goals and diagnose team member development.  

4 hours

Session 6 - SLII® LEARN II

Understanding team member development and matching leadership styles will be explored during this session.  Giving team members what the need when the need it is the key to engaging and developing your talent. 

 4 hours 

Session 7 - SLII® PRACTICE I

Using a combination of games, small breakout activities and videos participants will have a variety of opportunities to practice setting goals, diagnosing team member development and matching with the best leadership style.

 4 hours


Using a combination of games, small breakout activities and videos participants will have a variety of opportunities to practice setting goals, diagnosing team member development and matching with the best leadership style.

4 hours

Group Implementation Support (6 x 90 min)

Group sessions to support implementation of learning will be held weekly for 6 week following the classroom curriculum. 

6 x 90 minutes

  • Live role plays 
  • Review real-life situations 
  • Apply the skills

Leadership Essentials Experience


(per participant)

$2,797 + GST

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About Erin

Coach | Speaker | Facilitator | Author

Erin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Calgary and is an Associate Certified Coach through Integral Coaching Canada. As a Channel Partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies, she is qualified to deliver a variety of Blanchard® products, both face-to-face and virtually, including SLII®.

In 2017, she authored Inside Out Empathy, a book that explores how to use the superpower of empathy to build effective teams.

With over 20 years of experience in building, developing, and leading high performance teams, Erin is an insightful, curious, and supportive coach, trainer, and facilitator.

She believes that there is a leader in everyone. Erin is committed to discovering your leader within and supporting you to lead with impact—from the inside out.



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