I’m so glad you’re here. Please make yourself at home and take a look around.  

I am passionate about teaching, mentoring, and coaching others to embrace their emotions, connect with empathy, and deeply engage the people they lead. I believe that the very foundation of building inclusive, diverse teams is to recognize, celebrate, and leverage our differences.

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 Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and start building sustainable leadership skills and capabilities?

I’m passionate about Leadership.

Leading ourselves.

Leading others.

Leadership touches our lives every day, in countless interactions and in the most unsuspecting places.

Have you ever found yourself not sure what you need to do or what your team needs from you?

Are you tired of having the same conversation or wish that you could change the interaction with those who matter most?

Are you overwhelmed by all your creative ideas because you have no idea where to start?

We need to talk.

I would love to help you sort through the overwhelm, frustration and dispair.  I can get you focused on taking deliberate action, making real sustainable changes in your life.  If your curious, you can learn more about me here.

In our work together, you will build skills and learn techniques that help you overcome the barriers that hold you back from being the engaging, inspiring and FUN leader you so long to be.

Tomorrow can be different than today.

I can show you how.

How would it feel to be able to draw upon your new skills and lead with confidence?

I feel like a new, strong and better version of me. 

The metaphors Erin uses to help us recognize our current ways and future way of being are life-changing.  Like the perfect awakening to the person, we often know is inside but just can’t see.  I am not an addictive person, but I am totally addicted to seeing what parts of me she will draw out next and to continue to see the results I am seeing in my business because of this work. 

I love working with Erin. She is wise, thoughtful and creative in her coaching. Christine Bobye

Independent Financial Consultant, WFG

I can help you work on the important and often overlooked skills and capabilities which are required to intentionally act in our life.  Need more time in your day to write?  Create? Spend with your kids & family?  Want more time to take care of yourself?

Developing a plan, clearly laying out specific actions, setting targets and being realistic about what can ‘get done’ will leave you feeling focused and energized.  Slowly and realistically, with a bit of humour and fun thrown in,  I can show you how to build skills that will open opportunities you never dreamed possible.

The bottom line is I’m a planner AND a woman of action AND a intuitive, empath who is passionate about developing others.  I love to watch others grow, learn and make connections.  I allow for adjustments along the way because let’s face it – what looks good on paper doesn’t always feel so good in real life.

Nothing is more satisfying to me than having FUN on the way to YOUR SUCCESS!

There is nothing too big or too small.

I love to do what I do!

I hope you LOVE what YOU do!  So …

Why are you still trying to do this alone?  

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